Atlassian JIRA™

Meet Atlassian’s flagship issue-tracking & project management product & the #1 solution for Agile teams. With an ecosystem of 3500+ add-ons, JIRA is also an adaptable issue tracking platform to HR, marketing, operations, and support teams.

Trundl helps both first-time adopters of JIRA, and long-time JIRA users with a wide variety of hands-on services & support helping make an ideal team collaboration solution.

 JIRA Portfolio™

How many concurrent projects do you have at one time? Are sprints and bandwidth hard to manage with shared resources? Agile leaders rejoice! Here is JIRA Portfolio.

Top-level visibility

View projects in their entirety. Know areas of constraint to perform better.

Visual Roadmaps

Enjoy real-time gantt charts of user stories, sprints. Cues for areas of constraint & risk.

Forecast & What-if Scenarios

Manage hours and tasks. Build virtual new hires to see impact on release times.

Executive Reporting

Tracking against business goals for the year and beyond to keep teams on priorities.

 JIRA Service Desk™

Automate repetitive support tasks and focus time on critical, impactful issues, whether they’re internal or customer-facing. JIRA Service Desk is the solution.

Simple Setup & UI

Customer portal is intuitive, clean and adaptable to look & feel your customers would appreciate.

Share Knowledge

JSD+Confluence gives a living, self-help, knowledge base to boost efficiency.

Automation & SLAs

IT teams can create any rules, triggers, and silos that improve service performance and goals.

Go Mobile

Integrate with HipChat and your issue notifications are instant.