Atlassian Confluence

Integrated with JIRA, Confluence is the framework for a powerful idea… a seamless, living knowledge base, accessible to all.

With a clear understanding of your goals, Hornbill will set up and customize Confluence to serve your needs. We can do…

  • Deployment with full customization & DB setup
  • Critical integrations with JIRA & 3rd party tools
  • Security, access, permissions & theme setup
  • User & administration training
  • Plugin augmentation consulting

Why Confluence?

The speed to act and the ease of understanding for teams is going to be slow if you can’t share and collaborate. Confluence gives you…

Project Collaboration

Every asset kept in Confluence can be tied to a project, and linked to a team’s daily workflows for editing, compiling, and advancement.

Team Documentation

Layouts, forms, action-items, and points of record are kept forever and easily searchable.

Knowledge Base

Easy to access, publish, and organize. Easy to make accesses and restrictions for both internal users and customers.

For Every Team

Hornbill can customize Confluence for HR, Marketing, Product teams, and more. Just ask us and we can tell you how.